Billboard Sydney Media Design Buying Booking

Billboard Sydney Media Design Buying Booking

We've helped hundreds of businesses launch billboards and Out-Of-Home Media Campaigns.

Our experienced Out Of Home Media team based in Sydney are Billboard experts. We combine best practices with exceptional campaign management, design, strategy and a client–first approach. Whether you’re an experienced Brand Manager or a newbie launching your first billboard – COG Design are here to help.

Clear, Measurable Results

COG Design is the Sydney independent media planning and buying studio.

Our Design Studio is a one-stop-shop offering a highly personalised range of design and media services to our Sydney clients needing billboards.

We focus on obtaining campaign billboard coverage that operates across local, state, national and international sectors. We execute this via traditional media outlets and emerging interactive media pathways.

COG Design studio performs all our graphic design services in-house; you don’t have to source any of your creative, marketing, or advertising needs elsewhere. From Strategic planning, branding and copywriting, our team can deliver against any size brief.

Billboards Sydney

COG Design are experts at managing one of most powerful outdoor media channels to build real sustainable business leads – Sydney billboard!

Sydney is the energetic and beautiful harbour city of New South Wales. World famous attractions such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, Taronga Zoo and Bondi Beach draw millions of tourists to the city every year. A growing population of over 4.5 million people, Sydney-siders are exposed to numerous sporting events, outdoor exhibitions and cultural events throughout the year.

Sydney is Australia’s largest city and is home to many premium shopping centres and award-winning restaurants – an advanced market economy focused on finance, manufacturing and tourism.

Billboard Coverage

  • Metropolitian: 500+ sites in Sydney
  • Regional: 1000+ sites across New South Wales
  • Print and Digital billboard formats

OOH Audience Insights

  • Sydneysiders are 49% more likely to spend over 1 hour each day in commuting.
  • 29% more likely have a household income $100K +.
  • Over 25% of Sydneysiders go away over the school holidays.
  • Sydneysiders prefer an active lifestyle as 26% people are more likely to be outside.
  • 40% engage with brands on billboards each week.
  • 53% of people notice brands advertised on billboards.
  • 51% of people say that billboards are hard to miss.

Top Ten Insights on Sydney Billboards

  1. Effective Advertising Medium: Billboards in Sydney, Australia, serve as highly effective advertising mediums, providing businesses with a platform to reach a wide and diverse audience. The strategic placement of billboards in key locations across the city ensures maximum visibility and exposure.
  2. Enhanced Brand Visibility: With their large size and eye-catching designs, billboards contribute significantly to enhancing brand visibility. They enable companies to establish a strong presence in the competitive Sydney market, helping to increase brand recognition and recall among consumers.
  3. Tourist Engagement: Sydney is a major tourist destination, and billboards play a crucial role in engaging with both local and international tourists. They provide valuable information about local attractions, events, and services, contributing to a positive experience for visitors.
  4. Community Awareness: Billboards are effective tools for raising awareness about community events, public services, and local initiatives. They can be utilised to share important information with residents, fostering a sense of community and promoting civic engagement.
  5. Artistic Expression: Many billboards in Sydney serve as a canvas for artistic expression, featuring creative and visually appealing designs. This not only adds aesthetic value to the urban landscape but also contributes to the cultural richness of the city.
  6. Traffic Safety Messages: Billboards are used to convey important traffic safety messages, promoting responsible driving behaviour and increasing overall road safety. These messages can have a positive impact on reducing accidents and promoting a safer environment for both drivers and pedestrians.
  7. Economic Impact: The presence of billboards in Sydney contributes to the local economy by providing advertising opportunities for businesses. This, in turn, stimulates economic activity, supports local enterprises, and creates job opportunities within the advertising and design industries.
  8. Event Promotion: Billboards are instrumental in promoting various events, concerts, festivals, and cultural happenings in Sydney. Their visibility ensures that event organisers can effectively communicate details to a broad audience, contributing to successful turnouts and vibrant community participation.
  9. Environmental Messaging: Some billboards in Sydney are dedicated to conveying environmental messages, promoting sustainability, and encouraging eco-friendly practices. These billboards contribute to raising awareness about environmental issues and fostering a sense of responsibility within the community.
  10. Digital Innovation: As technology advances, many billboards in Sydney have embraced digital displays, allowing for dynamic and interactive advertising content. This digital innovation not only attracts attention but also enables advertisers to tailor their messages to specific audiences and times, maximising the impact of their campaigns.

To Business Owners.

Dear Business Owner,

Do you feel sick your stomach when your marekting falls flat and the phone just doesn’t ring?

Have you had small success with Out Of Home Media (OOH) but just can’t seem to get your campaigns to generate leads?

Or do you want to pull your hair out and scream at your media buyer because it is seems like you need to speak to 25 different people to get a Billboard Campaign completed?

Then stop everything you’re doing and read this right now.

We can guide you every step of the way, making it super easy to advertise your business outdoors. Our Sydney billboard and outdoor design studio spends thousands on booking billboards across Australia every year. We’ve generated a stack of core learning on how outdoor media works, compounding each time we’ve taken a campaign live for our clients.

Over this time period, we’ve documented the most remarkable secrets for Out Of Home Media to an astonishing degree. And, the best part in this is that you can directly benefit from our experience.

The COG Design Studio in Sydney know the secrets to Billboards and media buying methods. We unlock direct opportunities to reach your audience – and we design billboards with your messages and offers.

It’s our job to get “Bang-For-Your-Buck” and skyrocket your business leads from Sydney Billboard Marketing Campaigns. COG Design is focused on saving yourself the time, pain and headaches of “learning” how to buy media, design billboards and launch an Outdoor media print campaign.

Every second wasted without taking active steps in really driving your business online is another dollar lost to your competitors.

Your all-in-one for small business. We know that small business in Australia requires a expert support partner that delivers results, provides value and ensures your business survives, grows and performs.

It’s About Your Business.

COG Design is an independent graphic design agency located in Sydney. Our focus is the survival, growth and performance of our clients businesses.

Established as a reliable brand design agency with over a decade in business, we welcome new partnerships and look forward to solving new problems with dynamic forward-thinking solutions.

We lead as a branding consultancy while operating as a design agency, providing our clients a unique offer that ensures small Australian businesses and brands have the best advice, knowledge and support that increases their rates of survival, growth and performance.

By combining the strength of emotion in storytelling and the power of branding sees COG Design’s products and services purposefully designed to create a sustainable go forward point for the brands and businesses that we are entrusted with.

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Leadership and experience is everything when seeking a trusted partner for your project and business support.

Leadership And Experience

COG Design is led by Luke Sullivan. A dynamic Sydney-born professional with a diverse design and marketing career.

Luke leads the design agency as a knowledgeable and dynamic captain at the helm. With professional experience across numerous industries, Lukes’ leadership at COG Design is brand aware and business considerate, which ensures that all brand and marketing briefs big and small, are driven through to commercial success.

The benefit of having a Managing Director with professional hands-on-the-tools experience ensures the transfer of real working knowledge throughout the agency. It also offers the COG Design service offering great depth and an honest transparent value.

Small businesses can unlock great value from a Sydney design agency by asking the right questions, fostering a positive working relationship, and seeking a partner who envisions their success. Together, we’ll create a powerful brand that paves the way for a prosperous future.

Let’s embark on this exciting journey, hand in hand!