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Corporate Design

At COG Design, we are professional designers with proven experience working on premium corporate designs. We have completed design projects for small to medium size business right through to ASX listed companies.

What Is Corporate Design?

In simple terms, a corporate design is the official graphic design of the logo and name of a company or intuition.

This design is used across all of the companies touch points with other your consumers and other businesses you may work with. This usually includes letterheads, envelopes, forms, folders, brochures, business cards and more.

What Are The Benefits Of Corporate Design?

Our Sydney design agency has worked alongside a wide spectrum of businesses from various industries. At COG Design, our experience plays a crucial role in understanding the importance of high quality corporate design.

As professional designers we know that clarity, simplicity and authenticity are all vital to corporate design success.

Quality corporate design is important as it:

  1. Is The Heart Of Your Business – The corporate design acts as the first touch point. It is essentially the feeling and message that you convey to your customers, your competition and anyone else who comes into contact with your business.
  2. Showcases Who You Are – Your businesses corporate design eventually becomes a symbol of what the business represents. It is important to correctly align your business and the corporate design. This is so they work together to build a clear and positive experience for all who come into contact with your business.
  3. Shows Permanence – A corporate design is a beacon of strength. It can highlight to your target audience that you are here to stay and are a reputable business.
  4. Develops Culture and Personality Of Business – Strategically developing a corporate design can actually build the personality of your business. For businesses to succeed it is important that your target audiences trust and respect your brand.
  5. Ensures Recognised and Recalled – A critical component of business success is brand recall and brand recognition. If your target audience cannot remember your corporate design then how can they engage your services or tell their friends? The corporate design needs to evoke a strong positive emotive response to effectively remain in your target audiences memory.
  6. Builds Loyalty and Trust – Eventually, your corporate design will act as a symbol. It takes tactical planning to ensure that your design does match what your corporation hopes to represent.

What types of Corporate Design do we offer?

At COG Design we are professional corporate designers. Our design team knows exactly how to create a corporate design that is aligned with your business and strongly represents what your brand stands for.

Primarily, we deliver designs for:

What are the steps involved in Corporate Design?

At COG Design, we believe that communication is the key to success. We have a simple corporate design process that delivers your business an exceptional result.

The steps involved in packaging design include:

  1. Original Brief – We organize a time to meet or a conference call to discuss what is it exactly your business requires. We turn this conversation into a brief and scope of works.
  2. Corporate Design Concepts – We then create a range of design concepts. This will be based on your original brief and will include a diverse selection of design ideas.
  3. Client Revision & Approval Of Concepts – We then send these design concepts for you to review. If there is one concept in particular you like we then work on enhancing the selected concept and bringing it more to life.
  4. First Proof – Once we have built out a suite of the selected concepts we send it across for second revision. The revision process helps us to ensure that the print design is aligning with your business and your own preferences.
  5. Print Production – COG Design works collaboratively alongside COG Print. COG Print offers a wide range of printing options for whatever your business may require. If you would like to engage COG Design to deliver the print we then go into delivering you the first proof for approval. Following this we enter into the production stage of the artwork.
  6. Print – We then send the finalized artwork to the printers for printing.
  7. Delivery – Our printers deliver you all of your final print products.

COG Design’s Approach To Corporate Design

At COG Design Agency Sydney, our aim is to deliver our clients exceptional corporate designs via clever, innovative and strategic thinking. COG Design delivers our corporate design services to small to medium businesses through to large enterprises. Our clients continue to work with us because of our full service approach, innovative thinking and professional work ethic.

We are an established Sydney design agency motivated to provide our clients advanced corporate design solutions that make a commercial difference in their business performance and to their brand equity.

At COG Design our designers listen, learn and develop our clients ideas into advanced and high quality corporate designs. Our team is unified in our methodology. This allows individual brilliance to shine and creative solutions to excel.

COG Design Agency Sydney deliver quality corporate design to help your business achieve success.

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