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The packaging design experts. COG Design agency Sydney achieves success at the shelf for our clients via exceptional packaging design. Our packaging designers are experienced graphic designers by building brand and cutting through to your customer.

What Is Packaging Design?

In simple terms packaging design is using an assortment of materials in combination with design elements to package and make a product suitable for marketing. A slightly more technical definition states that a design for packaging is carrying, protecting and presenting your businesses product. Our packaging graphic designers creates desire for your products. By delivering on your products brand promise and enriching the user experience at every interaction.

There are numerous benefits to well designed labelling and products with striking labels. We’re one of leading Sydney packaging design agencies  with over 20 years work experience on designing packaging concepts and sending them through to print production. You can view some of work here on this website. Our packaging designers create design concepts for all sorts of businesses from a huge spectrum of industries. From our experience as professional designers, we know that clarity and simplicity, honesty, authenticity, extensibility and practicality are all crucial to your product label design success. Quality pack designs are  important as it:

  1. Draw Customers Interests – A well designed pack for a product can easily catch your customer’s gaze. We all know the saying ‘first impressions count’. You always want your products first impression on your target audience to be positive and stimulate brand recognition and brand recall.
  2. Develops Brand Identity – Packaging design offers your business an excellent opportunity to increase your brands presence in the market. Your design needs to reflect your brands identity and accurately represent your product so that people will easily recognise what you have to offer. The easier your target audience can understand your offer and brand, the more likely that you will earn their trust and loyalty.
  3. Encourages Business Growth – Packaging design facilities a perfect way to enter new product markets. By establishing a strong original design that is easy to recognise and recall, this will help the success of your new products, as consumers will already trust your brand.
  4. Reinforces the value of your products – Your packaging design is the final touch point before purchase. Quality design can help to enhance the value of your goods to your consumer and encourage brand loyalty.
  5. Helps customers determine the usefulness of your product – Your design can incorporate sales offerings, instructions, related products and more. These act as a gateway to increase the value of your product to your target audience.
  6. Differentiates your products from your competition – Finally your design is a great way to make your product stand out. Making your packaging design unique presents you with an ideal opportunity to elevate yourself above your competition and stick clearly in your target audience minds.

What types of Packaging Design do we offer?

At COG Design, our professional design team knows exactly how to create a package design of value that is harmonious with your brand. The three main areas of packaging design that we focus on are:

What are the steps involved in designing the perfect product packaging?

At COG Design, we believe that communication is the key to success. We have a simple conceptual design process for packaging that delivers your business an exceptional result.

The steps involved in packaging design include:

  1. Original Brief – We organize a time to meet or a conference call to discuss what is it exactly your packaging project requires. We turn this conversation into a brief and scope of works.
  2. Packaging Audit – First we need to understand if you have already invested in a knifeline and any packaging live in market. We also need to understand what volumes of packaging you need, where it needs to be deliver and the type of finished product that you’re expecting. This builds out a more comprehensive brief for design, production and ideally how well the end product performs on shelf or in market.
  3. Packaging Concepts – We then create a range of packaging design concepts. This will be based on your original brief and will include a diverse selection of ideas that package your product.
  4. Client Revision and Approval Of Design Concepts – We then send these design concepts for you to review. If there is one concept in particular you like we then work on enhancing the selected concept and match it to the knifeline and the environment in which the product will be sold.
  5. First Proof – Once we have built out a suite of the selected print concept we send it across for second revision. The revision process helps us to ensure that the packaging design is aligning with your business and your own preferences.
  6. Production artwork – Once the first proof is approved we enter into the production stage of the artwork. COG Design works collaboratively alongside COG Print. COG Print offers a wide range of commercial printers that print, deliver and support all types of packaging projects.
  7. Print Management – Via our partners at COG Print, we manage the entire design, print and delivery process. No job is to big or too small!

COG Design’s approach to designing great food labels and pack designs

As a premiere Sydney design agency our aim is to deliver our clients exceptional pack designs via clever, innovative and strategic thinking. COG Design delivers our design services to small to medium businesses through to large enterprises. Our clients continue to work with us because of our full service approach, innovative thinking and professional work ethic.

We are an established Sydney design agency motivated to provide our clients advanced product marketing design solutions that make a commercial difference in their business performance and to their brand equity. At COG Design our designers listen, learn and develop our clients ideas into advanced and high quality designs that bring your product to life in the retail environment. Our team is unified in our methodology. This allows individual brilliance to shine and creative solutions to excel.

Our packaging graphic designers from COG Design Agency in Sydney deliver quality packaging concepts to help your business achieve success.


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