Peaches Pilates

Peaches Pilates

Supporting Peaches Pilates with brand design and creative marketing solutions.

Peaches Pilates approached COG Design looking to partner with a design studio that could provide full service and local support across their exisiting brand foundation.


Peaches Pilates is a privately owned and franchised collective of pilates studios on the east coast of Australia, which also includes an online Pilates subscription model. Peaches were seeking a proven brand design partner that would be able to provide high value from a full creative brand design service suite, including the need for reliable at-call local support across company branded touch points.


  • Social Media Content
  • Email Marketing Content
  • Brand Style Guide Design
  • Google Ad Creative
  • Website Content
  • Print Collateral
  • Studio Signage

The brief

The brief snapshot reveals what most small businesses need – reliability, value and performance from their creative agency. It’s here that COG Design is the perfect choice for Peaches Pilates as our design agency is structured to meet this specific brief.

In summary the business demands growth, accurate brand management and cut-through from it’s unique creative assets and how the are deployed across social media platforms and websites. The core objective is to build brand equity from joyful online user experiences that deliver against the need to sustain through-the-line Pilates studio experiences for the targeted audience.


Peaches is Pilates like you’ve never experienced before. In studio or online, the Peaches Method is focused on changing their customers perception of Pilates. Their workouts challenge their audience in the best possible way, without a clinical feel. They make exercise something their customers actually look forward to.


COG Design solutions are revealed within our full service brand design solutions. These include the provisioning of appropriate brand management solutions that are referred to by both agency and client.

For Peaches Pilates the creative graphic design solutions delivered by our design studio consider various customer targets and their respective journey paths. Plus how they will react to specific brand messages to either become brand advocates and take action on marketing offers.

With an organic traffic strategy being layered in with a paid performance Google Ads strategy the broader customer acquisition strategy would be front and centre to our branding initiatives.

In summary our focus was on nurturing joyful online experiences and maintaining brand positioning with first class brand design solutions and sophisticated and savvy communications.


During our partnership we’ve grown the national studio count, increased quantity of organic leads, online subscriptions and the social media brand advocacy. We’ve built depth in the brand story and nurtured the quirky and cheeky brand positioning to ensure the original intent of the brand continues to remain true to its initial positioning. Highlighting the use of brand assets that deliver the brand into market neatly both online and offline environments has been a great challenge. Continuing to discover creative ways to drive the brand storytelling that pursues brand equity is our focus for Peaches Pilates.

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