Stunning portfolio coffee table book for one of Sydney’s top home builders.

Based in the Sutherland Shire and operating in all Sydney regions, MATTBUILD are a team of respected builders who are highly regarded for quality service in an efficient and timely manner.


With over 25 years combined experience, their reputation is based strongly on satisfying the specific needs of their clients in all areas of construction.

Where most home builders promise to provide you with the best build possible, MATTBUILD promise to not only turn their clients’ vision into reality, but to inform and educate through the pre, during and post-build stages of the project.

What we did:

Portfolio Book Graphic Design
Creative Direction
Print Production

The brief

With a collection of outstanding projects to showcase, MATTBUILD were after a memorable solution to present this to potential their clients and suppliers. COG Design were engaged to create a hardcover portfolio book that reflected the MATTBUILD brand and showcased their projects in a way that promoted the quality of their build as well as the unique aesthetics of each individual home.

As well as including project photography, the book needed to communicate details about each project, client testimonials, process notes and brand content. All of these assets were conceptualised and tested by COG Design to achieve a strong creative direction from the outset. Once this was approved by the client, all 132 pages of the book were created.

The COG Branding Solution

The COG Design solution was one that promoted minimalism, sophistication and gorgeous aesthetics.

By choosing the most appropriate projects to showcase, and then designing page layouts that are tailored to each unique design and architectural style, the flow of design of the book remained simple yet sophisticated, allowing each project and associated imagery to take centre stage.

Being provided with amazing imagery of some of Sydney’s best home building projects made our job much easier. Our design solution was one that focused on keeping the copy clean and consistent, allowing all the aspects in the book enough space to breathe and be consumed by the reader easily and equally.

As a result, the book maintains a premium look that places MATTBUILD’s projects on a pedestal, giving them the exposure they deserve.

The Printing Results

With COG Design being supported by COG Print, our design studio solutions were provided a premium hardcover perfect bound book solution for this project, resulting in a classic and durable final product that exceeded the client’s expectations.

Our use of high-quality materials and finishes created for a polished and professional finished book that the client was proud to share with potential clients and partners.

  • Perfect Bound Book
  • Case Bound Cover printed on Matt Art 170gsm Matt Celloglase Laminating 1 side, wrapped over 2400 um board
  • Unprinted endpapers on 140gsm uncoated
  • 132 pages printed on Matt Art 200gsm
  • Finished Size: 325x280mm

The Results

Delivered with success!

MATTBUILD were thrilled with the look and feel of their new portfolio book. The creative direction presented by COG Design proved to be a strong foundation from the outset. With updates and changes required throughout the project, the design supported these changes, allowing for refinement to be a smooth and simple process.

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