Banquet Desserts Food Packaging Design

COG Design is excited to deliver the completed Food Packaging Design project for Banquet Desserts.

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December 15, 2016

COG Design is excited to deliver the completed Food Packaging Design project for Banquet Desserts.

The brief was to deliver a new Food Packaging Design that would assist in the launch of the Banquet Desserts Cheesecake and Chocolate Bavarian products.

Banquet Desserts is a dessert food manufacturing company in Sydney, they supply food products, specficially cheesecake dessert products to grocery stores such as Coles, IGA and Woolworths.

At a high level the food packaging solution should to deliver a creative food packaging solution to Banquet Desserts needing a neat and dynamic food packaging solution that would win on the grocery shelf. Our Food Packaging Designers in our Sydney design agency understood the product (as we love a cheesecake, and dream of chocolate bavarians!), so the packaging solution was also product tested. Our food pack design lead had the know how to solve this food packaging brief. We pride ourselves on our print packaging solutions and how well we take package concepts through to production.

Our creative solutions for Banquet Desserts needed to be also deliver food and product photography, creative direction and styling for the project.

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