Why Is Your Brand And It’s Unique Selling Proposition (USP) Important For Your Small Business

Clients engage COG Sydney Design Agency to manage brand for it to assist the business in its success. With our brand managers you’ll learn about the important  role a well managed brand plays in conveying your brand identity to your customers. One of the key elements to a successful brand is your USP, Unique Selling Proposition.

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January 13, 2021

At COG Design, we are one of the leading Sydney design agencies that takes brand communications seriously, and we believe that your brands Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is very important for your business as it grows brand equity and attracts the right people.


Clients engage COG Sydney Design Agency to manage brand for it to assist the business in its success. With our brand managers you’ll learn about the important  role a well managed brand plays in conveying your brand identity to your customers. One of the key elements to a successful brand is your USP, Unique Selling Proposition.

Your business and its Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is your brand’s core proposition to its customers and audience, or reason for being. It is the promise that will make your brand more valuable and more visible to its targeted consumers and marketplace. Delivering a transparent and relevant USP is one of the first challenges to connecting your brand to your business, simply due to the fact it lays a true foundation for all of the brands communications.

To create a solid unique selling proposition that will draw in leads you must ask the critical questions of what is unique about your product or service offering, your business needs to be able to answer this. You should also be putting the spotlight on your business and ask the brand how does it differentiate from your competitors. And thirdly, another key filter to run through their process is by asking what is different about your product or service and why should people engage with it or purchase it.

A USP is more than just shouting to anyone who will listen ‘our product is the best’. And it extends further than just having an awesome brand identity design. You business will achieve very little cut through and success in what is already a market in a state of pure competition. Established brands in the market place have a refined USP, and ensure that a through-the-line consistency is managed, this is who your brand is competing against. Don’t pick a fight with the biggest kid in the playground, choose authenticity over replication, and refine and drive home the truth USP of your brand, its brand positioning and what the promise is. Then, ensure all brand touch points are consistent.

When you refine your Unique Selling Proposition, you begin to Support Sustainable Business Growth. Our Sydney graphic design studio are brand design professionals and look to pursue this philosophy with all our clients USP and brand communication projects.

Below are the three top tips for Unique Selling Proposition and brand communications

1. Narrow your target audience.

A brand can never be everything to everyone – unless you’re Amazon or Apple and your goal is for global domination. Avoid the urge to try and attract everyone online and on the street. Obviously there is a sweet spot of your brand, strategically target a segment of the consumer audience and focus your USP on language that will be relevant. Zone in on your specific targeted market, own this and think of it as your operating your niche. Here your USP is the perfect opportunity to narrow down the focus and get strategic and more efficient. Identify the needs of this market in your messaging for a USP that delivers true brand equity, growth and leads.

2. Less is More, Efficiency is Key.

All businesses inadvertently bloat their USP by jamming every key benefit statement into the USP. This simply works in reverse and confuses your brand and thus your audience. For a memorable USP, it needs to be just that – remembered, so keep it simple and tight. When creating USP’s COG Design Sydney Agency starts out by creating a list of all the most obvious benefits of the brand and then subsequently discards the ones that don’t truly rise to the top and spell it out. The USP should equate to the single benefit that your brand is best at, and one that your competitors are not.

3. The Desired Result is the focus.

True value, purse and function is what really makes a USP shine. Understanding how your brand impacts your customers for the life of their engagement with the product or service is one of the most import things to have clarity on. this clarity and broader awareness of branding is more than just a unique feature, price point or delivery method. Here the brands USP is focused on the positive end result for your brands audience and how they have had their lives or experience improved because of it. When hey USP is connected to the emotive links of branding, and the product experience, your brand will build brand equity and be worth much much more.

There are 5 key elements that your customers and target audience need to know about your brand and business. In summary these are excellent customer service, quality products, innovative design and quick delivery of service or product. When a USP includes these elements in its messaging and through the brand line, good things happen to a brands equity and brand performance.

At COG Design Agency Sydney, our as Brand Design Experts aim is to deliver our clients exceptional brand designs via clever, innovative and strategic thinking. COG Design delivers our brand Unique Selling Proposition (USP) services to small to medium businesses through to large enterprises. Our clients continue to work with us because of our full service approach, innovative thinking and professional work ethic. Once you have developed your USP, bring your refined concept to us so we can activate it and refine it. Our Sydney Brand managers will ensure that the business internally understands your brand USP as much as your customers.

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