Corporate Identity for Compset Chemicals company.

Our Sydney design agency is proud to deliver a Corporate Identity for the Scandinavian focused company Compset Chemicals.

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February 22, 2017

Our Sydney design agency is proud to deliver a Corporate Identity for the Scandinavian focused company Compset Chemicals.

Our Sydney Design Agency was approached by the composite materials business Compset Chemicals. Located in Sydney, the brief took in our studio and was managed via email and phone.

Compset Chemicals requested that COG Design produce the logotype and Corporate Identity for their new business. COG Design also delivered the creative direction, strategy and graphic design for Compset Chemicals and its launch into their niche market.

A great corporate identity sends a serious message about being successful. Our corporate solutions are smart, professional and strategic. With the collaboration with COG Strategy, the professional and premium work we deliver our corporate clients stand up against any multinational business and stand strong in the world of corporate business confidently.

In summary the Corporate Identity creative solution needed to represent the complex nature of the chemical products and the dynamic nature of the Compset Chemicals business offer. To achieve this differentiation our Sydney Design Agency truly needed to understand the key points of difference of Compset Chemicals against its competitors, and also the key benefits of their product lines and services.

The Corporate Identity project consisted of Logo and Icon development, Logotype and font development, plus delivery of the colour suite across both print and digital channels.

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