Creative Direction Brand Design project for Hydroflux Huber

Creative Direction Brand Design project for Hydroflux Huber

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May 12, 2016

COG Design is proud to deliver the completed Creative Direction Brand Design project for Hydroflux Huber.

The brief was to deliver a firm creative direction for the Hydroflux Huber company, a strategic and unified suite of visual communication assets was required.

Hydroflux HUBER is a business dedicated to providing world leading wastewater technology and processes to Australian Water Authorities and Councils. They hold exclusive representation for a number of global technology leaders, including:

  • Huber Technology – a German manufacturer of wastewater treatment equipment and technology. Since 1894, HUBER has supplied more than 34,000 machines worldwide.
  • HUBER products include – inlet works packages, screens, grit removal, washing and dewatering systems, sludge treatment and Smart Membrane Bioreactor.
  • AEROSTRIP® fine bubble membrane diffusers – the world’s most energy efficient aeration system guaranteed to reduce plant power demand by more than 25 per cent.
  • Organica Water – IFAS based wastewater treatment technology that combines natural plants and engineered biomedia. Less power, less space, less sludge.
  • CNP Technology – AirPrex™ – A Complete Solution to the Struvite Problem.
  • Flootech® – Finnish-designed robust, compact, high surface area MBBRs, ideal for plant upgrades or where footprint is limited. Hydroflux.
  • Huber is part of the Hydroflux Group.

At a high level the creative direction solutions for Hydroflux Huber required a neat corporate edge, one that pursues trust, intelligence and professionalism. It would demand a consistency that represents the highly detailed and technical nature of what Hydroflux Huber delivers, and communitcate neatly the type of buisness and personel in which makes up the Hydroflux Huber company.

With the client demanding attention to detail, a crisp and timely execution this creative direction project tested the methodologies of COG Design and our ability to mix commissioned photography, our own stock photo library and third party stock photo, by using over 100 imgaes to reach the final creative drection suite for the Hydroflux Huber business unit.

COG Design continues to support Hydroflux Huber with creative solutions, graphic design, stationery design and corporate brand development.

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