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COG Design proudly delivered the local Cronulla Surf School business creativity!

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October 16, 2016

COG Design proudly delivered the local Cronulla Surf School business creativity!

A key brief was to deliver some creative solutions for t-shirts, stickers, beach towels, posters and material for marketing and promotional material. Cronulla Surf School had a basic identity but needed a little bit more dynamism in their artwork to add that hit of difference.

Founded in 1994 by Cronulla local Mark Aprilovic, the Surfschool has built a reputation unrivalled in the New South Wales region. Eager novice surfers and total beginners come from all over Sydney to be taught by our coaches.

“Our goal is to introduce people of all ages to the magic of surfing in a fun and safe environment. You progress at your own pace – patience is a virtue when you are out on the ocean!”

At a high level the creative solutions COG Design provided Cronulla Surf School performed to get the brand up in lights, and get the brand manager to think differently about how they see the brand and how it can be delivered in graphics.

Part of what COG Design is passionate about is ensuring our creative solutions deliver our immediate local business partners and friends better design which increases the quality of communications for our local area in which we live.

COG Design continues to support the Cronulla Surf School with creative and digital solutions, graphic design, content design and brand development.

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