Brand Creative Direction

Brand success is achieved through strong Brand Creative Direction. COG Design Agency Sydney sets the creative standards and objectives for our clients so that everyone understands them

Any successful brand is truly measured on how it exists in the minds of its audience, customers and clients. To have your brands Creative Direction managed call our Sydney Design Agency

COG Design Agency Sydney act as a brand guide in the direction of our clients brands, we’re creative directors building brand equity and successful business

We know how to manage them and ensure the key brand assets are nurtured and brought to life. COG Design Creative Directors begin the process by understanding the brand position and what the business, company and brand key objectives are.

COG Design are approachable and accessible, we eliminate any anxiety for our clients with bigger teams where chiefs and indian have shoot outs. We communicate with our clients teams to see what they think about the brand and solicit their suggestions.

“We know that when we create a culture of honest engagement our clients have a much better brand culture.”

We’re specific and constructive when reviewing our clients work, we provide feedback that’s useful, solutions that are forward thinking. Often we take the blame, not the credit. We stand behind the work we’ve approved. COG Design seek to turn excellent work into amazingly successful work. We’re all about trying to get the 9 to become a 10. (We quickly discard the rubbish).

We don’t accept mayhem as the standard and disagree that the creative process is inherently messy. We’re timely in planning and delivery, neat in management.

COG Design is a Brand Design Agency in Sydney.

We’re design professionals managing our clients brands creative suite which includes all styles of communications across print, digital, radio, TV and experiential. With the right management tools the creative direction of any brand will remain consistent, form a cohesive and performance based approach to creative design and communications, and ensure all marketing spend towards creative is justified and managed.

Our graphic designers and creative directors are strategic in how they view a brand and its visual assets. We pursue commercial outcomes for our clients and a brands creative direction is how the visual elements communicate the business, brand , product and service offers. People are first visual, big bold and bright brands cut through and make an impact before streams of text and dialogue.

COG Design provides creative direction solutions for all types of brands, and with the assistance from COG Strategy and COG Print our offer in directing creativity is well supported and considered, it ensure a professional and premium result.

We understand that all our clients brands are different, we know their personally different, that’s why we love our job. And all creative people are individuals so that’s why we allow free thinking that generates ideas using different approaches.


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