Brand Identity Design

COG Design develop Brand Identity so businesses improve recognition, build trust, represent values, support brand positioning and set up brand health.

Build a successful Brand Identity that works for your business. Contact COG Design Studio Sydney

Brand identity development starts with understanding your business, the position you wish to adopt in the market and the target audience.

So, why is this identity thing important you ask?

    1. Personality: A brand identity is the visual representation of the values of your brand. It should set the tone of your brand and should evoke emotion in your audience.
    2. Awareness: A COG Design brand identity package ensures that our clients brand is at the forefront of their marketing activity. The better the identity the more memorable it will be.
    3. Loyalty: A true powerful identity for your business will build customer loyalty and trust. It’ll allow customers to connect product and company (brand and business).
    4. Consistency: Done professionally it will support consistent communications across all marketing efforts. When pursuing consistent styles and design elements a cohesive brand suite will perform.
    5. Differentiation: COG Design deliver brand identities to differentiate our clients businesses from the competition. We develop professional, creative identities that appropriately position the brand to stand out and reach potential customers, we design to cut through.

COG Design is a Sydney located brand design company providing our clients brand identity solutions since 2008.

We work with all types of companies and brands across many various industries such as FMCG, automotive, aeronautical, retail, fast fashion, industrial, waster water, consumer goods, industrial supplies,
pharmaceuticals, action sports companies, manufacturing and professional services.

Company logo, brandmark, logotype, icon, font selection, colour suite, marketing collateral, it all forms a unified brand asset suite that is the brand identity. COG Graphic Designers roll out brand I.D’s via our methodical approach day in day out.

Our brand identities are a mix of designer personal flair, client brief and commercial objective. Our solutions are bespoke yet deliver against the brief the day they’re launched and 10 years later of needed. With the collaboration with COG Strategy, the professional and premium work we deliver are trophies.

We make sure our studio delivers brand identities that set our clients business apart from their competition.


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