Brand Product Design

COG Design accepts the challenge of all briefs for Brand Product Design.

Many of the Brand Product Design briefs that clients present us with are unique and or specific to a certain market or product area. Call today for a free quote on your Brand Product Design Project and Brief

COG Design is a creative solutions company that via our creative team, we deliver solutions in design for most branded product lines.

Our team has years of professional commercial experience in various product development areas, which enables COG Design to provide branded product development as a service.

Our experience in working with a broad range of businesses enables us to share our discoveries and incorporate them to benefit future projects and product development. Our design team is capable in producing graphic solutions for product and also the design for products themselves.

COG Design is a Sydney Branding Agency providing branded product solutions in the following areas –

  • Apparel and fashion, footwear, eyewear and fashion accessories.
  • Action sports equipment including; surfboards, wetsuits, boardcovers, legropes and traction. Skateboards, trucks, wheels and bearings.
  • Sporting equipment across racquet sports and ball sports.
  • Office promotional marketing materials
  • Homewares
  • Toys, Kids and Children’s products

For a more comprehensive discussion regarding local, national or global sourcing please get in touch with COG Design or COG Print today.


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