Illustration Design

COG Design illustrators are purveyors of creativity. We’re communicators, story tellers through Illustration design.

Our Sydney design studio generates authentic illustrations for brands and individuals needing something special in visual communication. Call COG Design Agency, we offer Free Quotes and Discussion on your Illustration Project

Our illustrators and graphic artists use a variety of media to generate unique artworks which are tailored to client brief.

The big idea is to tap into the sometimes unwritten brief which is the consideration of emotion, energy and the groove which is sometimes how we make the best discoveries in illustration.

Our Sydney creative directors work closely with our clients who request illustrations as sometimes the brief for a unique custom piece of artwork may be unusual and non-traditional in the commercial sense. We make sure we match the brief to our artists with the most appropriate style, personal flair and artistic interpretation is a huge part of the success of an illustration. We ensure we make the right fit between artist and project from the start.

COG Design create illustrations for clients involved in numerous businesses including those in the music industry, in high and fast fashion, sports, tradeshows, festivals and events. Supported by talent management and creative resources COG Design delivers illustration services that are unique pieces of artwork. Our clients need bespoke and authentic creative artworks that perform and cut through, illustrations to tell a story and convey a theme.

When illustrating for business, brand or individual COG Design taps into the brief and explores the possibilities that are available through visual communication. Our illustrations reveal your brands story.


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