Corporate Style Guide Design

We know you need a professional corporate design studio to manage the creative aesthetic and brand management of the business.

Corporate Style Guide Design solutions need to be affordable, logical and perform as a brand autonomy tool for the company. Plus, you’d like the graphic artists to manage getting the style guide printed. We’re an experienced and trusted Sydney Corporate design studio.

We design Corporate Style Guides so clients can actively manage and take care of their own brand, the work that COG Design delivers will continue to perform over time.

Our Corporate Style Guide Design solutions are designed and delivered to empower client side brand managers and brand stakeholders to ensure company creative assets are maintained and used by the business correctly. Our Brand Guides and Corporate Style Guides are whitepaper tools that create structure and handling protocols around brand assets.

We approach our Style Guide development considerate to the actual team that’ll use it, and ensure it’s appropriate for what type of business it is. By auditing existing corporate identity and brand assets the development of the style guide honours the existing brand marks and creative direction already in play. And of course, if we need to develop a new Corporate Identity or Brand Identity we can of course accommodate.

The COG Design studio is located in the Sutherland Shire south of Sydney. We communicate with exceptional customer service and operate with strong project management.

Our Corporate Style Guides achieve Project Success because we work closely with our clients and engage all brand stakeholders throughout the process. This fundamental element is why many of our clients use use for many other Corporate Design and branding projects as we work together as an extension of the client side team.

COG Design Corporate Style Guide are for the most part functional tools with a key purpose. We design to meet business objectives and deliver results.

We know that when our clients are given tools like a Corporate Style Guide ther brand stays on track.


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