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We know you need a talented and trusted professional designer for CGI and 3D Renders for your project.

It needs to be affordable, effective, accurate and communicate the visual aesthetic of the future location. Plus, you’d like some different perspectives from the Architects plans. CGI Sydney Design Agency, providing a full CGI image rendering service for real estate and property marketing material. Get A Free Quote

COG Design creates the future. CGI (Computer-generated imagery) will deliver a clear vision on how your project will look when completed.

Our CGI Artists are all located in our Sydney Design Agency, providing a full CGI image rendering service for real estate and property marketing material.

Our CGI Artists are experts working with property developers, real estate agents, builders and architects to provide a professional service that delivers premium digital artworks that will be used across various print and digital presentation channels for a broad range of building development and architectural design projects.

COG Design works with our clients to create high quality and realistic graphic imagery for commercial, residential and community property and real estate development projects that rely heavily on the use of CGI to interpret the architects brief and communicate the developments key features.

CGI Design projects can also include photography and real life imagery to supplement the CGI components. COG Design also integrate video using tripod, drone and gimble methods to achieve quality multimedia design projects.

COG Design will consult COG Digital for advice on technology and website integration with CGI projects, and how best to manage the presentation of CGI. marketing, and when the campaign is a large one we engage COG Strategy for the insights and campaign planning advice prior to creating and design digital marketing content.

The Benefits Of A Design Agency Completing Your CGI Image Renderings For Your Property Project

Small to Medium Business Experts Ready To Serve.

Our Sydney image rendering agency is unique because we have the team and resources to offer small to medium sized enterprises (SME’s) at-call ongoing business hours support. Hour by hour, day by day and year on year.

The COG Design CGI and property image rendering service suite is structured into clear print, design, digital and strategy disciplines, and these skills are made instantly available to your team by using a range of unique desktop and mobile softwares that enable communication to flow freely and efficiently between your team and our team.

As a leading  design agency our use of technology and digital virtual tools allows us to structure dynamic relationships with our clients can that be located anywhere in the world. COG Design operate in a global economy and we are aware that our services need to be at call 24/7, delivering support and solutions. Not just for brand management but the full service suite of design and marketing.

Our focus is long term relationships. Simply because when our team of creative designers and brand managers dedicate themselves to your brand and business for months at a time our knowledge and experience grows, compounds and turns us into experts on your industry with an intimate understanding of what is required to achieve success.

The longer our design experts work inside your brand and business – the more knowledge we gather. With our brand agency services include brand research and brand management it means what we learn is transformed into actionable design strategies for your business to assist its performance in your market. We help you win!

The COG Design team are passionate about all the brands we are entrusted with and intimately understand that our clients are relying on us to work hard to succeed at every opportunity.

When our clients brands grow, so do we.

Think of the COG Design as a cog your businesses engine. You set our team spinning and they will deliver the full service brand design solutions.


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