Directions In Groove (DIG) Identity

COG Design designed the Directions In Groove (DIG) identity.


June 3, 2016

COG Design designed the Directions In Groove (DIG) identity.

The brief was to simply design the logo fro DIG. Our studio was honoured to deliver to brief for these musicians as Rolling Stone magazine once stated “DIG are the future of Australian music. They know what to do and how to do it.

Directions In Groove (DIG) are a popular Australian acid jazz band originally from the suburb of Redfern in Sydney. Producing numerous acid-jazz funk albums in the 1990s, the band became popular with a Sunday night residency at Kinselas, a venue on Oxford St in Sydney. Originally known as “dig” and performing instrumental acid jazz, word quickly spread and the band was soon on the road and recorded an EP titled “Directions in Groove” and attracted Polygram records to sign the band in 1993.

The original members of the group reformed in the wake of playing to a packed crowd in June 2008. They subsequently recorded their fourth studio album (the first in 13 years). The new album “Clearlight” was released on 14 October 2011. See the creative here from COG Design.

DIG consists of –

  • Scott Saunders – keyboards, vocals
  • Rick Robertson – saxophone
  • Tim Rollinson – guitar
  • Alex Hewetson – bass
  • Terepai Richmond – drums, percussion

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