Nikki Ayres Health Coach Yoga Teacher Website Design Cronulla Sutherland Shire

COG Design is proud to have delivered the Website Design for Nikki Ayres, the Health Coach and Yoga Teacher based in Cronulla Sutherland Shire, Sydney.


April 28, 2016

COG Design is proud to have delivered the Website Design for Nikki Ayres, the Health Coach and Yoga Teacher based in Cronulla Sutherland Shire, Sydney.

The brief was to deliver a customised website design that also included mobile website design, including and tablets, and be developed on the WordPress platform.

Nikki Ayres is a Health Coach and Yoga Teacher practising in Cronulla, Sutherland Shire in the south of Sydney. The Nikki Ayres health and yoga brand and business is a unique offer with a strong brand direction and theme, directed by Nikki herself.

Years ago I was working in a job that did not fulfill me, working with people who did not value me because I did not value my self. I was over giving and my energy was depleted. I was riddled with self-limiting beliefs and the itty-bitty shitty comity in my head pulled me down, the doctors blamed mental illness and for a moment I was trapped in the label and caught up in the stigma, but I decided that I would rise up and make a shift.

Nikki Ayres approached COG Design as we’re a Cronulla Web Design Agency located in the Sutherland Shire, local to her business with a intmate understanding of the local customer base. In summary the website design solution should perform by delivering against the Nikki Ayres brand vision while connecting to her core business offer and visual presence on the internet. The new website used brand creative direction from Nikki Ayres and COG Design, which needed to offer an exciting and light online experience for users. With a large part of the design brief about how the Nikki Ayres Yoga and Health Coaching services deliver a positive energy, the website design needed to also deliver this.

COG Design works with COG Digital on ensuring all our websites for our clients are optimised to connect seamlessly with social media and supporting the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and launched to achieve immediate inbound traffic by being submitted for Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

A Blog feature was implemented and optimised for content, which could be posted by numerous admin users. Blog posting supported text, image and video content, and the theme of the creative direction needed to be consistent with social media design

COG Design are experts at designing websites with exceptional brand management considerations, and also using illustration design that captures our clients business visions and brand directions.

COG Design continues to support the Nikki Ayres business with website hosting, digital content and ongoing help desk support.

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