SONY Music Australia Corporate Communications Presentation

COG Design is proud to have delivered the SONY Music Australia business a Corporate Communications Presentation.

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July 12, 2017

COG Design is proud to have delivered the SONY Music Australia business a Corporate Communications Presentation.

The brief was to deliver a corporate communications presentation to launch a new internal division of SONY Music Australia to the broader group.

Sony Music Entertainment is a global recorded music company with a roster that includes a broad array of both local artists and international superstars.

The company boasts a vast catalog that comprises some of the most important recordings in history. It is home to premier record labels representing music from every genre. Sony Music Entertainment is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America.

At a high level SONY Music Australia required a highly engaging and impacting presentation to launch a new division within the company. The new division would be at the forefront of the future of music and how it operates commercially for both the artist, the audience and the SONY label.

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Using video and animation the corporate presentation would bring to life the key asset in which makes SONY a powerhouse, the talent! Having music at our disposal from Beyoncé, Foo Fighters and Pink made the sizzle reel actually sizzle in the studio.

COG Design is a design agency in Cronulla, Sydney working with corporate organisations like SONY Music Australia to deliver bespoke and engaging communication projects. We’re excited to be involved in music and artist projects as it’s where some of our careers began.

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