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COG Design, the Sydney Design Agency – Building Brands To Support Business.

The COG Design focus is to pursue business growth for all our clients, and we pursue this via sophisticated design thinking. When we start solving our clients problems together – our partnerships prosper. Start today with COG Design.

What To Expect When Partnering With COG Design, the Sydney Design Agency?

Our approach to branding is to connect it with business through smart design.

As a Sydney design agency our team is unified in focused towards a couple of specific things. Firstly it is the value we offer our clients. A creative branding agency is a service based business, and each one of our team know that the added value we offer our clients as a design firm is when we react efficiently with a rapid response to briefs, clear and concise answers to questions and delivering design projects on time.

Secondly our Sydney design company is focused on delivery real measurable results. From experience we know through the thousands of design projects our creative agency has delivered that the most successful brands are the ones using the power of emotion to achieve business growth and market share.

Thirdly, COG Design is focused towards lasting partnerships. These relationships we manage prove to our clients that when quality brand design is part of their business approach it delivers a more sustainable business model and achieves organic sales growth. We’re an Australian owned design and branding company that has worked with a global roster of clients for over 10 years. During this time we have watched our business grow due to a strong referral network, simply from delivering project success for many businesses needing quality and reliable graphic design and branding services.

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At Our Core We’re A Sydney Design Agency

Our graphic design team is experienced in discovering key brand assets, developing a considered brand story and building brand equity.

COG Design is dynamic in our approach to branding because we know how to increase brand resonance through intelligent design.

Our design methodologies are market tested and proven to build brand equity. COG Design are passionate about nurturing businesses that are needing rebranding and a new injection of brand-enthusiasm. Once you become one of our clients that understand that ‘brand’ is a powerful engine inside the business, you’ll be excited to see how it will transform your own success.

A component to our brand design approach is tapping into the strength of emotional design. “ED” as we’ve termed it internally creates memorable experiences for your audience when the company story to told with an emotional hook and stimulus. This design process our graphic design agency follows is proven across all types of businesses and industries.

Business growth and brand value can be achieved through design that is emotionally considerate. When a business realises that they can swap buying customers with a clever emotional design strategy, it wins! (It’s here COG Design get chicken-skin and is the core reason we get up and come to the design studio everyday).

Each team member from our Sydney graphic design company knows that when we deliver winning strategic design solutions, our clients businesses will have a better chance of success. As a cohesive design team we approach all of our business partnerships with a detailed and clear briefing, we then know the importance of following up this approach right through to project success and aftercare. Our graphic designers nurture brands like young pets, and our design agency treat our staff like family – we’re a proud supporter of Australian jobs for Australian workers, so you can also connect with us on LinkedIn.

The clients using our brand management and design skills are a mixture of SME’s (small to medium enterprise) through to large global corporations.

COG Design thrive in partnerships with clients that understand that if they build a first class brand it will foster a sustainable future and support the business in a year on year growth path.

Our design studio is in Cronulla, Sutherland Shire, and our design service offer remains more competitive compared to some of our competition as we’re supported by the COG Branding Group (We feature on business directories like Mumbrella under branding and design agencies) and are able to use this as leverage with resources, our team and our skill set.

COG Design are a Full Service Design Agency and our entire suite of design solutions are available to our clients under the one roof. Our graphic artists are qualified career professionals and formally educated in graphic design, marketing, brand management and business. We perform as a creative library for all our clients.

If you need first class design solutions from one of Sydney’s leading Design Agencies, reach out today and begin building a strong agency relationship that will generate brand equity, and assist in sustainable business for the future.

Contact us today for a no obligation briefing and free quote, plus learn more about how COG Design can connect you brand to your business. (02) 9523 6007

Your all-in-one for small business. We know that small business in Australia requires a expert support partner that delivers results, provides value and ensures your business survives, grows and performs.

It’s About Your Business.

COG Design is an independent graphic design agency located in Sydney. Our focus is the survival, growth and performance of our clients businesses.

Established as a reliable brand design agency with over a decade in business, we welcome new partnerships and look forward to solving new problems with dynamic forward-thinking solutions.

We lead as a branding consultancy while operating as a design agency, providing our clients a unique offer that ensures small Australian businesses and brands have the best advice, knowledge and support that increases their rates of survival, growth and performance.

By combining the strength of emotion in storytelling and the power of branding sees COG Design’s products and services purposefully designed to create a sustainable go forward point for the brands and businesses that we are entrusted with.

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How Our Design Agency Works

Small to Medium Business Experts.

Our design agency is unique in that we have the in-office team and resources to provide small to medium sized enterprises (SME’s) at-call ongoing design and brand support. We’re here 24/7.

The COG Design service suite covers the design areas of Packaging DesignWebsite DesignBrand DesignPrint DesignCorporate Design and Environmental Design. These design offers are made instantly available to our clients marketing teams by way of unique desktop and mobile softwares which allow communication to flow from desktop to desktop – no matter where your team is located around the country.

COG Design is a leading design agency and our use of virtual technology and digital tools allows us to structure fast moving and reactive relationships with our clients. COG Design operate in fast times and we’re here to help you and your company keep up!

Our focus is long term relationships, and when our team of creative designers and brand managers get their mitts into your brand and business over the cycle of a few business quarters, their knowledge and experience increases and compounds, transforming us into industry experts with knowledge of your business and what it needs to achieve success.

The longer our brand managers work deep within your business – the more knowledge is gathered and used to benefit the business through branding and design initiatives. With our dynamic smart design approach, what we learn is injected directly back into the brand via tailored strategies that will assist your business and its performance in the market.

The COG Design team are business savvy and passionate about all the brands we are entrusted with. Through the dedicated leadership from our senior partners we never forget that our clients are relying on us to work hard to succeed at every opportunity. Think of the COG Design as a cog in your businesses engine – you set our team spinning the full 360 degrees and we deliver the goods!

Our Full-Service Brand Design Offer

  • Website Design

    COG Design create advanced websites for all technologies, platforms and devices. Our Website Designers focus on providing positive user experiences (UX) for our clients audience and are driven to deliver against customer experience (CX) requirements.

    Our Sydney website designers are briefed by experienced creative directors and website architects, and understand that delivering a website design that meets the key business objectives is mandatory.

    Our web designers achieve success online for our clients via exceptional user experience considerations and solutions. As Google is mobile first in its indexing, our approach to designing wireframes for mobile devices is how we ensure the websites we design are functional across all devices, operating systems, browsers and versioning.

    The design of your website is crucial in assisting you convert sales and generating leads that deliver against your businesses objectives. At COG Design, we have over 20 years experience in website design.

    Learn More about Website Design click here >

  • Packaging Design

    COG Packaging Design Agency Sydney achieves success at the shelf for our clients via exceptional Packaging Design & package solutions.  We have over 20 years experience working on packing designs for predominately
    Retail Packaging Design, Product Packaging Design and Food Packaging Design.

    At COG Design, we believe that communication is the key to success and our simple packaging design process that delivers your business an exceptional result has been proven through hundreds of packaging design projects.

    Our packaging designers listen to briefs carefully, learn about our clients shopping isle requirements and develop our ideas based of research and insights that result in high quality packaging designs. Our Sydney packaging design team is unified in our methodology allowing individual flair and creative solutions to come from each of our designers.

    Need to win at the shelf via superior packaging design? Learn More about how COG Design can elevate your brand and product through first class packaging, click here >

  • Print Design

    COG Print Design is a focus on communicating your brand and business via exceptional physical marketing collateral. Our Sydney print designers are still in love with traditional print media and delivering offline communications.

    Traditional print media is still how you can benchmark a companies design aesthetic and our print designers have over 20 years print design experience. We’re all about stationery design, brochure design, catalogue design, direct mail design, magazine design, marketing design and print design. All of our graphic designers deliver against the key business objectives our clients brief us with and assist in the broader pursuit of building brand equity.

    As an experienced Sydney Print Design Agency, we know how crucial print design can be to your businesses success. Print is still an effective and widely used form of marketing, so knowing this our aim is to deliver print designs through clever, innovative and strategic thinking. COG Design delivers our print design services to small to medium businesses through to large enterprises. Our clients continue to work with us because of our full service approach, innovative thinking and professional work ethic.

    For more information on COG Design print services, click here >

  • Brand Design

    As an established Sydney Design Agency we know our brand design services suit small to medium sized companies looking for a competitive and trustworthy brand design company to partner with. We’ve got a smaller specialised branding team that the bigger inner Sydney city agencies so we’re able to offer competitive quoting and a more personalised exchange on all our design and branding projects.

    The key difference with COG Design is that we’re brand first in our approach to business. Ideally, all our business units have a clear mandate to first understand our clients business, their pain points and above all their consumer. Then we look to enhance brand story and brand resonance to achieve success with our brand design projects.

    Our senior brand managers work with our clients to understand the details of where the disconnect is between brand and business, then we look to work with the other key stakeholders in the clients business to ensure our brand design work is going to work in cohesion with the rest of the business. Our designers can work internally client-side if needed, and we’re forthcoming on workshops and presentations that engage the broader business on brand design.

    While some current trends push do-it-yourself services or use graphic design suppliers that are outsourced overseas – the risk of compromising your brand communication and brand equity is too great to squander with cheap executions.  To achieve lasting results and solve complex branding and marketing problems, you should be able to rely on our tertiary educated and qualified designers that have years of experience offering a true value to solving brand design problems.

    COG Design is 100% Australian and we’re proud to employ and support Australian careers and new design graduates from university and college. Utilising the strength of the COG Branding Group, all our clients design and branding projects receive the support from the structure of the COG Branding group enables high quality design outcomes for all our clients branding projects.

    Learn more about Branding and Design or get in touch today by calling our Cronulla Studio on (02) 9523 6007.

  • Corporate Design

    Corporate Design by COG Design Agency delivers our Blue Chip Corporate Clients that critical sharp edge. We focus on the delivery of timeless design projects that communicate the all important shareholder and stakeholder details.

    We are professional designers that have over 20 years experience working in the corporate sector on legal industry, the finance industry and have experience in other corporate branding environments such as insurance and local council and state government institutions. We have completed design projects for small to medium size business right through to full scale ASX listed companies.

    In simple terms corporate design is the official graphic design and management of marketing communications for a corporate entity. It’s much more than the rebranding of the logo or the business cards of a company.

    COG Design Corporate Solutions are refined across all of the companies touch points that may his include stationery print design, letterheads, envelopes, forms, folders, brochures, business cards and more.

    The benefits of having your Corporate Design managed by a Sydney Design Agency are numerous, though when you are working with sensitive information, time critical branding or providing marketing communications to shareholders, its obvious you need professionals to deliver this.

Leadership and Experience

COG Branding is led by Luke SullivanA dynamic Sydney-born professional with a diverse design and marketing career, Luke leads the Sydney branding agency as a knowledgeable and dynamic captain at the helm. With professional experience across numerous industries, Lukes’ leadership at COG Branding is brand aware and business considerate, which ensures that all brand and marketing briefs big and small are driven through to commercial success.

The benefit of having a Managing Director with professional hands-on-the-tools experience ensures the transfer of real working knowledge throughout the agency. It also offers the COG Branding service offering great depth and an honest transparent value.

For myself, directing COG Branding has brought truth to the statement ‘Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life’. I have a passion for creative design and strategic thinking, these elements will always be at my core. My aim is to have COG Branding Group remain as a respected brand resource for our clients today, and those of tomorrow. What I know to be true is that transforming the brands of our clients to success is a privilege, while it is also a thrill. Creating great business and new relationships is only a phone call away, so get in touch and build your brand with us!


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