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The COG Design branding studio in Cronulla Sydney is proud to deliver the Brand Identity for Zedkore Composite Materials.


July 20, 2016

The COG Design branding studio in Cronulla Sydney is proud to deliver the Brand Identity for Zedkore Composite Materials.

Our Sutherland Shire design agency was approached by the Force 9 Surfboards buisness, in collaboration with DIAB Sweden, to deliver a brand identity design which showcased a new composite material that is used primarily in the production of high performance surfboards.

Force 9 Surfboards requested that COG Design produce the creative direction and Brand Identity Design for the new product line. The product itself was to be sold business to business only to surfboard manufacuturing wholesalers who would use the Zedkore composite material product in the manufacture of their own surfboard product line.

The product itself is manaufactured in various densities, and marketed based on this ability to control the density. So the brand identity needed to encompass the colour coding of the logo to be in correspondance with the actual end product in it’s natural coloured state. The nature of this brief required the laboratory in Sweden to continually send samples during the protoyping stage to ensure the colour suite was kept in the loop.

In summary the Brand Identity needed to represent the dynamic nature of composite materials and the futuristic nature of the end use. To achieve this COG Design truly needed to understand the key points of difference of the Zedkore product against and its competitors, and also the key benefits of their product lines and methodologies. Being avid surfers COG Design of course had to test run many of the Zedkore surfboards during their lunch breaks 🙂

The Corporate Identity project consisted of Logo and Icon development, Logotype and font development, plus delivery of the colour suite across both print and digital channels.

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