Brand Personality – How The Best Brands Harness Emotion To Deliver Powerful Business Solutions

A brand study by the Sydney Design agency COG Design. Introduction Many brands have understood the power of emotion and take full advantage of it. Do you want to be one of them? The truth is, not many businesses understand that ‘brand’ is a key component to the success of their business. Your business can […]

Brand Design For Business

May 1, 2020

A brand study by the Sydney Design agency COG Design.


Many brands have understood the power of emotion and take full advantage of it.
Do you want to be one of them?

The truth is, not many businesses understand that ‘brand’ is a key component to the success of their business.
Your business can develop emotional branding that results in memorable experiences that help in forming the very fabric of your corporate identity.
The information your business has captured to date about your customers can assist in unlocking their emotions and continue in delivering powerful outcomes.

So to grab a quick snapshot, the idea is to connect your brand to your business so your customers remain loyal. Why loyalty is important shouldn’t have to be explained, though simply it ensures return visitation to the business requiring little or no dollar investment.
Wouldn’t that be nice – once a customer always a customer.

That’s the key to growth we know, but how do we make it work? Well, relationships with an emotional dimension are more likely to resist the temptation to be persuaded to change preference to another option that has been presented using price or convenience as a point of difference.
Losing customers to a cheaper offer or a more convenient one doesn’t mean you should change the business positioning, it simply means that more focus is needed on the brand, its values and how well it communicates this.
Customers define themselves through brands they use, so knowing this should make it simple to have business build in similar values to its brand based on the customers it wants to align with, right?

Well, you’d be surprised how may businesses don’t do this.
Many brands COG Design have worked on, with, or along side aren’t even aware that their business has a brand, and why it should be intimately connected to their business… I know right?!

COG Design is a Sydney branding agency that know there are clear distinguishable emotional characteristics that are clear in brands, though it’s not so clear for small to medium sized businesses. Though it should be, and here’s why.
Welcome to Harnessing Emotion to Deliver Powerful Business Outcomes via emotional branding.


Brand Personality

Consumers want to feel emotionally connected to the brands they select – this is heavily researched and known to be true.
This is in large part because brands, well designed ones anyway, are an extension of their own personality, style, and personal identity.
The most powerful thing is that loyalty grows once a close emotional link to a brand is formed, believe it or not it’s very hard for customers to let this go. For example, think about some famous business rivalries that have emotionally-charged brand advocates:

Most people have been at a barbecue or a bar when you hear someone tirelessly fighting for a brand. It’s similar to how people fight for music and songs, who played out better.

It doesn’t get anymore emotionally charged than this. Rolling Stones, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, INXS, Mariah Carey, Kayne… Brand personalities by definition!

Awareness and relevance can make brands strong and big, but it’s the emotional seduction that makes brands great. Brands that tap into their emotional make up, the things that humanise them. This is what differentiates and brand from a label. And your business does not want to be a cheap label.

The world’s biggest brands are now leveraging hard science to discover the emotional branding’s mystical secrets. Some are measuring eye tracking and facial coding to quantify emotional activation in humans to optimize the effectiveness of their branding.

Basic Steps In Harnessing The Power Of Emotional Branding

Capture attention Nurture interest in your brand and your target audience.

Encourage purchases Engage with your audience and encourage them to consider your business and its value set. Understand their emotions to assist in driving their everyday decisions.

Develop Relationships Reassure your customers that by choosing you they made the best decision on the day.

Develop customer loyalty Turning a one-off purchase into a regular purchase helps build brand loyalty and increases the lifetime value of that customer to your business. This stage is about adding customer incentives or loyalty offers, and up-selling/cross-selling your products to existing customers.

Integrate Your brand Into Your Customers Life Develop a more meaningful long term relationship with your customers.

Harness Word of Mouth Referrals Celebrate loyal customers who provide free leads and new audiences. Invest in this and this loyalty, it’s a primary powerful business outcomes. Loyal customers have positive memories of your brand experiences, and want to share them with their friends and family.

This is hard fought and won.


Emotional connections happen because we’re human, and we’re built for these connections, wired for them, and rely on them to live a rich, meaningful life.

Despite our significant advances in science and technology, human emotion (mainly our subconscious) will always be core to our DNA. Brands that craft an experience that sets them apart from their competition are awesome to watch.

When you are part of celebrating the success of a brand that has its customers drive an extra 10 why for the coffee, pay a premium for the jacket or stand in line for an hour for the ticket – it’s a thrill.

Marketing by appealing to raw and genuine human emotion is essential, smart, and pays off.

If you believe in the passion you have for branding is a beautiful thing and desperately want your business to have the ability to created a force of attraction, an energy that influences people and their daily actions – then COG Design wants to work with you.

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