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Build Brand and Support Sustainable Business Growth

When you Build Brand and you begin to Support Sustainable Business Growth. Our Sydney graphic design studio are brand design professionals and look to pursue this philosophy with all our clients design projects.

Brand Design For Business

July 28, 2020

When you Build Brand and you begin to Support Sustainable Business Growth. Our Sydney graphic design studio are brand design professionals and look to pursue this philosophy with all our clients design projects.

Through developing a clients brand, as a company we are increasing the value of their business. In our graphic design studio, a heavy focus is placed on communicating the true core values and services that our clients business can deliver to its customers. We maintain first class brand design by building brand equity and place an emphasis on sustainable business growth.

Build brand – support sustainable business growth, start with our design service suite below


Our website designers specifically focus on creating a positive experience for the audience of our clients. Every device and every platform can be catered to through advanced website design created by our team at COG design.


First class solutions can be brought to packaging through COG Design packaging designers. Our packaging clients are from FMCG, product packaging, food packaging and retail packaging businesses.


The print design services of COG Design make up for all the traditional print channels and media types. COG Design print design services cover aspects such as stationary, brochures, direct mail, catalogues and more.


COG Design work to produce high level branding services. Our team of brand designers are professionals in launching, overhauls and management. It entails creative direction, brand identity, brand logo, brand style, guides and more. Brand Design directly supports Sustainable Business Growth.


Corporate design by COG Design provides the necessary sharp edge for the Blue Chip Corporate clients. The focus is to build lasting brand equity and deliver timeless projects that create the long-term brand equity.


COG Design outdoor design and environmental design services cover a broad range of areas from event and exhibition design through to wayfinding and point of sale. 



At COG design, websites are designed to deliver against the key business objectives and build brand equity.

What is website design?

Website design is simply creating and designing a website. Various aspects contribute to designing a website. These aspects include the layout, content, graphic design and functionality of the website.

The term ‘web development’ is commonly interrelated to website design in that they are quite similar and get mistaken for each other. However on a more technical level, website design is the fragment of the broader category of web development.

Why is website design important?

Depending on the objective of your business, the design of your website is necessary in assisting you to convert sales and generate leads.

Website design also entails the way a website is presented, meaning for it to be presented to audiences in the most appealing way. It also focusses on the important role of assigning your business content to specific pages. All this contributes to increasing online sales of businesses and help generate leads.

At COG design, we have over 20 years’ experience in website design. By getting professional help you will:

  1. Satisfy customers: Our team of professional website designers work together to understand and meet the needs of your online customers and users. To do this, we purposely structure your website in a way that calls attention to your audience and what they are specifically searching for. An aspect that has an important focus to us in website design is that your website is easy to use and access by your users. To do this we ensure that the structure and navigation is simple and consistent. Through following these steps, it ensures your users to have an enjoyable online experience with your website and build a positive and successful relationship with your brand.
  2. Satisfy the search engines: At COG design we aim to have your website rank well organically, meaning for your users to find and visit your website easily. To do this we work alongside web developers to ensure your website is fitted with SEO tools. These SEO tools are the tools that allow for the website to rank organically.
  3. Avoid common technical glitches: Our website designers understand the frustration associated with websites that take too long to load and don’t take you where you need to go. With this understanding our team take consideration of these things in designing your website and ensure that your users do not experience these frustrations on your page.

These steps through COG design will ensure that your website maintains lasting value.

What are the available types of website design?

COG design deliver various websites to cater to all industries and business sizes. As experienced professionals, we have worked on thousands of website design projects. Some of the most common design projects we engage in are;

  • Website design
  • Mobile website design
  • Responsive website design

What are the steps involved in website design?

COG design strongly believes in the idea that communication is the source to success. To ensure that you get the website best suited to your business needs we follow a specific website design process. The steps involved in this are:

  1. Website architectures: The process begins with our team understanding your business goods and services and creating a website architecture. For this step to be accomplished, an in-depth analysis of SEO, UX and brand is conducted. The final section of this step includes the architecture that’s been created being sent to you for a final approval.
  2. Website wireframes: The wireframes begin to be worked on once the final architecture has been approved. This step includes the focus on how the website will look to your audience. The wireframes of the website are specifically, the view of how each product or service page will look.
  3. Website design: The final step of this process is the website design. This step is the demonstration of how the website will look once entirely created. This step is then approved and passed on to our in-house web developers to build your website.

COG Design’s approach to web design

At COG Design Agency Sydney, our focus is to use strategies that produce creative, innovative and clever websites for our clients. COG design does not only focus on small to medium sized businesses but also large establishments. We maintain a full-service approach, high work ethic and innovative thinking, enticing our clients to continue working with us.

Our established Sydney design agency produces well thought out design solutions that allows for businesses to perform to their fullest potential and maintain brand equity. This all contributes to making a commercial difference to their business. This is all done through sheer determination from our team to design the best possible outcome for their clients.

Our team at COG design is unique in that they have the skill set to listen to their clients and turn their clients ideas into well-structured and attractive websites that are considered high performance, making them successful graphic designers. Individual intelligence is encouraged and praised and creative ideas excel as our team takes on a unified approach, allowing for many strengths to be used amongst the team.

Check out our work here > https://www.cogdesign.com.au/our-work/

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