How Much Visual and Branding Content Do You Absorb?

Your brain is an amazing complex machine that translate millions of stimulus and creates a definition of what is being absorbed. When the brain processes visual content it does so at an incredibly fast speed. When assessing visual communication and messaging, it’s estimated that visuals communicate information up to 60,000 times faster than text!

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October 13, 2020

We come and we go during the day without noticing how much visual content we absorb. But if I were to ask you… out of everything you saw today in your e-mail, the street, a magazine, your social media, what do you remember?

In case you haven’t realised, your brain is an amazing complex machine that translate millions of stimulus and creates a definition of what is being absorbed. When the brain processes visual content it does so at an incredibly fast speed. When assessing visual communication and messaging, it’s estimated that visuals communicate information up to 60,000 times faster than text!

Wow right?! though how long did it take to read that last sentence compared with looking at the graphic above?

Intuitively this seems to be logical and make a sense. Let’s say you’re walking in the Australian desert and you see a Dingo, your heart rate will increase, you’ll begin a fight of flight process and perhaps you’ll get a sprint going in the opposite direction (unless you’re Bindy Erwin you might remain calm and wait for it do come to you). This will all take place before your brain translate this situation into any language and words.


The stimulus from visuals is all around us and has been happening the moment we are born. Visuals entering the brain are a natural and essential source of information for practically all life on Earth with a sense of sight. Though when we look at text and written word communications, that has only been around for a fraction of that time, justifies why visual content feels more natural and intuitive to us humans on a fundamental level.

The science that supports how the brain interacts with visual stimulus is great to look at when assessing ho your small business branding will connect with its intended audience. The use of visual communications to reach out and engage your customers and audience will have powerful effect on your customers ability to learn and process the information from your business and translate that into something that is engaging and stimulating or something that is rejected and dismissed, all in the blink of an eye. It’s proven that when word and images are combined the result is a more effective teaching tool than words alone.

If you’ve ever sat on a bus seat waiting for your ride, and the bus ad caught your eye, it is most likely that you stopped for a second, and you remember it for a day or so, or subliminally it’s in the back of your mind until you see something similar later on, whether it be a TV ad, and email marketing campaign or a Google Ad. Why is that? Because it was visually memorable and it left a visual signature on your brain, deep within your memory.

And this is just what your small business branding needs, memorable content marketing and corporate identity design. You want the content you put out there to represent your business to be engaging and to have lasting impressions on your exisiting clients and a new potential audience.

Now for that, you must be clear on who you want to see in your brand, understand what sort of reaction you’d like to see so you know how to communicate with this audience target.

Emotional branding is a great relevant topic here, when an SME learns how to harness emotional branding it can achieve many positive outcomes. Emotional connections happen because we’re human, and we’re built for these connections, wired for them, and rely on them to live a rich, meaningful life.

Despite our significant advances in science and technology, human emotion (mainly our subconscious) will always be core to our DNA. Brands that craft an experience that sets them apart from their competition are awesome to watch.

When you are part of celebrating the success of a brand that has its customers drive an extra 10kms for a coffee, pay a premium for the jacket or stand in line for an hour for the ticket – it’s a thrill.

Marketing by appealing to raw and genuine human emotion is essential, smart, and pays off.

Sometimes the graphic design that is most effective needs to be bold and loud, other times it needs to be professional and sleek, sometimes more is less, sometimes more is more. For whatever your tone needs to be, your Sydney design Agency must be on board and understand where you want to go.

The below five elements will need to be considered for your brand design to stand out:

1. Understand Your Target: Do some background research to discover some research insight on your audience’s interests and think about what type of visual content they’d like to see. Also keep in mind that in the end, good graphic design are only great if the content is relevant.

2. Create The Correct Colour Suite: The colour of your content, illustrations and design sets the tone of the message and it also helps build-out and define your content and brand design. Choosing the right colour palette can be very powerful.

3. Exceptional Typography: Using bold typography and fonts can help your message to stand out from the crowd. This type of typography also helps to organise the information on the branding elements more appropriately so that your target audience absorb and understand the hierarchy what’s important in your message.

4. First Class Photos: Pixelated or low quality photos can be detrimental to any great conceptual idea or branding concept. Make sure you use high quality photos. There are several stock photo websites out there where you can source them, but avoid overly stocky ones.

5. Simplify to Increase Focus: Try to always minimize the amount of content that you have. Less but relevant is what you want to go for. Try to speak visually and reduce the amount of text so that your graphic catches the eye and sticks.


There are some simple statistics that prove Visual Communication in Branding is Powerful. There is a common old saying in that “a picture is worth a thousand words”. This is actually more appropriate as a picture is ten thousand words, and when you add some text on there it’d be 100,000 words.

For the amount of power images and visual branding obtain we don’t have all the answers as the brain is a mystery, though we do know visual communications and marketing is emotionally engaging and influence the human mind.

Written language, words and text has an important place in small business marketing, there has been tons of research over the years that proves that visuals are far more powerful drivers of engagement and conversions. The human brain was built for visual information as mentioned earlier, the written word is only recent as far as humans have been around.

Top Ten Statistics of Visual Content

1. The information the brain processes is composed of up to 90% of visual content.

2. The human brain will take about 13 milliseconds to process a visual image.

3. Images is processed 60,000 faster that text (by the human brain)

4. 10% of people will will remember what they hear, 20 5 will remember what they read and 80% of people will remember what they see.

5. Consumers want shorter and high impact visual content.

6. Visual content for any broadcaster or publisher will grow their traffic 12 times faster compared to those publishers and broadcasters who don’t .

7. Studies prove the majority of people will read less than 30% 20-28% of text on page.

8. More than 95 million photos are shared daily on Instagram

9. On Facebook, images have an much higher interaction rate of more than 80%, which when compared to links or words that are less than 4%.

1o. 100 million hours of video are watched every day on Facebook – 85% of them with the sound off.

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